LINK Webinar to Share the Good Practices and Research Contents Collected by Partners

LINK staff webinar to share the good practices and research contents collected by partners was held online on June 7, 17h30 – 19h30 CET. Each country presented good practices identified and the topic they researched.

The main issues:

  • European Benchmark/Good Practices
    • Each country presented 2 national + 2 international successful initiatives related to the LINK project theme: fighting disinformation and misinformation; promoting digital skills among older people; increasing the competences of critical thinking in the population of seniors; promoting understanding of the democratic process etc.
  • Documentary research/ Literature Review
    • Ageing Population in Europe and their relevance in the democratic process (ES)
    • Digital Literacy in Senior Population (PL)
    • The impact of Disinformation and Misinformation in the Democratic processes (PT)
    • Promoting European identity, citizenship and values (IT)

Before webinar the guidelines were sent. The guidelines intend to support partners to achieve the WP2 Educational Strategy – Observatory of Good Practices. This work corresponds to the 1st phase of work to create LINK program and comprises: a European Benchmark and a deeper documentary research and literature review to further support the creation of our methodology and exchange of knowledge, know-how, practices, methods between partners. The aim of the webinar was to share and discuss this topics.

  • 7 June 2022 17H30 – 19H30 CET
  • Each country presented good practices identified (15 min/partner)
  • Each country presented the topic they researched (15 min/partner)