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Erasmus+ Cooperation partnerships in adult education

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Duration of the project:

24 months: 01.01.2022 – 31.12.2023


“LINK” is a 2-years-project that aims to create a non-formal educational strategy for organizations and facilitators to be prepared to promote digital media literacy and a mindful participation of senior citizens in democratic life.

It gathers five entities (public and private) from PT, PL, IT and ES with a large and complementary experience in adult education and active aging promotion across Europe, that are motivated in offering lifelong learning opportunities specially design to seniors to allow them to accompany the digital transformation, fight disinformation campaigns and fake news and encouraging them to participate actively in society.

The aims of the “LINK” project is to create an educational strategy aimed at the senior population, to promote digital literacy and conscious participation in democratic life, addressing how online disinformation can affect democracy and the electoral process, and reinforcing the knowledge and sharing of the values of the European Union.



  1. To create a capacity-building programme to develop digital media literacy and a mindful democratic participation among senior citizens.
  2. To empower facilitators and educators on how to promote an active and mindful citizenship among seniors.
  3. To encourage the exchange of experience and methodology among partners, reinforcing the network, and increasing organizations’ capacity and educators’ competences.
  4. To reflect on democracy pillars and seniors’ fundamental role as European Citizens towards democracy preservation, promoting their social and digital inclusion.
  5. To create awareness on how disinformation and propaganda events interfere with democracy, promote critical thinking, media, and digital literacy.
  6. To experiment and analyze different digital tools to promote the potential of European Citizenship as a mean to improve civic engagement and social inclusion among seniors.
  7. To raise awareness among seniors to the importance of the common EU values, the principles of unity and diversity, reinforcing a sense of belonging to a common European space, creating connections, and providing sense of unity.
  8. To provide an opportunity to participate in two transnational educational exchanges among seniors from different countries, reinforcing a European identity and Intercultural learning.

Main activities:

1. Creation of an Observatory of Good Practices to promote senior active engagement in democratic life and media literacy across Europe.

2. Development and validation of a capacity-building program to work these topics and skills with seniors that gathers:

2.1. One staff training mobility in Spain

2.2 Four Pilots in Portugal, Spain, Poland, and Italy that includes:

– Local learning sessions with seniors

– One study visit for senior learners and educators to the European Commission in Brussels

– One mobility of senior learners in Italy

– Final peer-to-peer learning sessions

– Validation / impact analysis of the programme

3. Four Multiplier Events – LINKing Fairs – in the four countries.